Greetings (Mu-Ka-Chin ) ,

I have been elected into our tribal government to serve the entire tribe in the most professional ,comprehensive way possible. The past two years have been very challenging given the fact that we as a tribe was in a deficit when I entered into office. I accepted the challenge and assisted in organizing a comprehensive plan to eliminate debt without having our tribal membership suffer the consequences.

In attending Santa Rosa junior college and Mendocino college I have knowledge in the educational process of understanding economics therefore I have utilized my educational training within the tribe, to be successful. Furthermore I have been trained and certified in our Tribal Assistance for Needy Families. With that said I'm a strong believer in the seventh generation and the Wavoka prophecy of bringing back Cultural and Traditional ceremonies of the native people . I have been blessed to be a part of traditional song and dance of the round house tradition and I always live my life with those teachings of unity, strength, and family equaling TRIBE...have a blessed day and if I can ever help directly I will ...my office door is always open